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Prenatal yoga

New course starting Sunday 07/04/24


Welcome to our Prenatal Yoga Course, designed with love and care to support you during this beautiful journey of pregnancy and beyond! 

Our 75-minute classes are here to provide you with a sanctuary where you can find relief from those common aches and pains that can come with pregnancy. But it’s not just about the physical aspect; we’re here to help you prepare mentally and emotionally for childbirth and the exciting adventures ahead.

Benefits of Prenatal Yoga:

🤰 Physical Comfort: We focus on poses and movements that alleviate those little discomforts and aches that often accompany pregnancy.

🧘 Mind-Body Harmony: Prenatal yoga isn’t just about the body; it’s about finding balance and tranquillity in your mind, helping you navigate the emotional aspects of pregnancy.

🌟 Preparation for Birth: Through gentle exercises and relaxation techniques, we aim to prepare you physically and mentally for the beautiful experience of childbirth.

🤱 Beyond Pregnancy: The skills and mindfulness you gain in our classes will serve you well not only during pregnancy but also in your journey into motherhood.

We can’t wait to have you in our classes, where we’ll create a supportive and nurturing environment for you and your growing baby. Join us on this path to a healthier, happier pregnancy and beyond! 

  • Promotion of emotional wellbeing, self-love and nurturing
  • Improvement of general fitness and heath for the pregnancy and birth
  • Relaxation and stress management through awareness and control of the breath
  • Deep toning of the birth muscles to facilitate a speedy postnatal recovery
  • Alleviation of back and pelvic problems common in pregnancy
  • Improvement of balance and coordination.


For the course


For the course

Beginner's Yoga

Dates: Saturday’s weekly
Rolling Admission – Start any Saturday, 6 week commitment (make up sessions available)
Time: 8:00am – 9:00am

Welcome to our Beginners Yoga Course, where you’re on the path to discovering the magic of yoga! 

Whether you’re taking your very first step onto the mat or looking to refine your practice, this 6-week journey is tailor-made just for you. We’ve crafted each week with a different focus, ensuring you get a well-rounded and enriching experience.

What to Expect:

🧘 All Levels Welcome: This course is open to absolute beginners and those looking to enhance their practice.

Weekly Focus: Every week, we’ll dive into a new aspect of yoga, providing you with a comprehensive understanding.

Holistic Learning: It’s not just about the physical postures; we’ll explore the mental and emotional dimensions of yoga too.

Join us on this exciting adventure, where you’ll build a strong foundation and uncover the joy of yoga. Let’s embark on this journey together!

Week 1 – Yoga philosophy, sutras, pranayama
Week 2 –  Sun salutations:  alignment and breathing for each postures (A & B series)
Week 3Meditation, mindfulness and restorative yoga
Week 4 –  Power and vinyasa 
Week 5Twists, backbends and use of props
Week 6Yin:  postures, purpose, 3 principles of yin

also includes unlimited membership to yoga classes on our weekly timetable

Common Questions

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It is great if you have your own mat, but we also have some here you can borrow. Don’t forget a water bottle.

Yes we do! We have creche so you can enjoy your class, while your little one is safe and sound!

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